The Mayan calendar

Mayan calendar

The Mayan calendar is the best known of all prophecies. It describes exactly to the day our present fourth age from August 11 3114 BC to December 21 2012.... [read more]



The Prophecies of Nostradamus


One deals with the Prophecies of Nostradamus (1503-1566), you inevitably come across quatrains that confirm the fears and predictions of scientists clearly. Analysis of Nostradamus Centuries have occurred.... [read more]



The Solar System

Solar System

Synchronization with the Galactic Centre on December 21 2012 our sun, the earth and other planets in our solar system are in conjunction to the equator of the Milky Way..... [read more]



Nibiru / Planet X


Nibiru is a planet in our solar system. He is the so-called Planet X. Nibiru is eventually entered our solar system by gravitational forces and then became a satellite of the sun..... [read-more]



Pole shift and solar storms

Solar Storms

Solar storms threaten our planet 2012. If we consider the activities of the sun more closely, we find the phenomenon of sunspots. Here there is an approximately 11-year cycle, which has the maximum the largest number of spots..... [read-more]







World End 2012
Dont know