Nibiru / Planet X


Nibiru is a planet in our solar system. He is the so-called Planet X. Nibiru is eventually entered our solar system by gravitational forces and then became a satellite of the sun. Nibiru will fly around even one more sun. Nibiru is bigger than our planet, seen from the outside, he should act red or reddish. A round of Nibiru will be about 3600 years. He is every time he enters our solar system, some bring in an uproar, causing minor or major disasters. The final round will be made at the time when Moses was planning the exodus from Egypt. The 10 plagues could have been so thoroughly phenomena of Nibiru. There are theories that say, Nibiru is the home planet of the Annunaki (this will then make every 3600 years ago almost to the ground). The Annunaki were recorded on ancient clay tablets and other Sumerian artifacts. 445 000 BC, the Anunnaki came from a distant planet (Nibiru) of our solar system in search of gold, which was needed for the salvation of its atmosphere, on our earth. These Annunaki began on Earth is now Gold for its homely atmosphere to build, but this was a very sweaty work for the more or less spiritually advanced Annunaki, therefore, seek a kind of workhorse that should do the arduous work, this workhorse was a distant ancestor of humans. The theory says the monkeys cruised Annunaki Annunaki DNA with the DNA. For this crossing attempt was now the homo sapiens, who could now do the work of the Annunaki. NASA provided officially established in 1982 that the possibility of the existence of Planet X is absolutely necessary. 1992 held a press conference at NASA, were announced in the following information: In the orbit of Uranus and Neptune, it has come to unexplained discrepancies that indicate a large body outside our solar system, a body of four to eight times Earths mass with a highly inclined orbit, about 11 million kilometers away from the sun. The statements of NASA were later revoked by the official (probably under pressure from the government). Nibiru is to have one of meteors existing tail, this would devastate when approaching everything. Relation to Nibiru takes the Kolbrin Bible. The Kolbrin Bible describes an object in orbit around our sun. The object is Destroyer and Fear Bringer called. In others it is written: When blood drops on the earth will appear to the destroyer. This certainly could be meant tail consisting of meteors that strike as a drop on the ground. Since time is estimated from the nearest Nibiru visit only approximate figures, is considered by many here in 2012 as possible.






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