The Prophecies of Nostradamus


One deals with the Prophecies of Nostradamus (1503-1566), you inevitably come across quatrains that confirm the fears and predictions of scientists clearly. The four-line verses in the Nostradamus prophecies were written in poetic form as a poem rhyme. Analysis of Nostradamus centuries have shown that Nostradamus has been announced for the period between 2003 and 2022 heavy change of climate. Around the year 2012, he prophesied to the third and final world war. Then will come the absolute world peace. It will in the near future great cosmic upheavals take place, which will have a devastating effect but at the same time healing on our planet. The Earth will wobble and tilt, the poles are melting, the place of serious flooding in the Sahara and extreme heat and droughts in southern Europe and rain forest areas. It is the worlds geographic changes. The Rhine at Cologne will change its river, creating new lakes in Italy, Sicily, the area around Marseille and the UK going into the sea ... For example, Nostradamus predicted in his quatrains VI.5: Such great famine by pest wave, Through long-lasting rain at the far arctic pole, Samatobryn 100 locations of the hemisphere are lawless and live free from politics. Nostradamus, Michel de Nostredame was, pharmacist, physician and astrologer. Early on in his medical studies in Nostradamus was a physician and manufacturer of medical tinctures a name. His preference, however, was of astrology and the occult sciences. During his lifetime, he was the author of prophetic poems in groups of 100 (called Centuries) summarized four lines (quatrains) famous. Prophets like Nostradamus were at the time as chosen by God and were given a high status with religious tolerance. There is proof that Nostradamus was part of the southern French Templars Alliance - a secret society of the views of the Vatican's acceptance of the divine world not prejudice. Catherine de Medici, wife of King Henry the Second, Nostradamus chose to Hofastrolgen and personal physician to the royal family. Notradamus died, wealthy and respected, at the age of 63 years in his southern home town of Salon de Provence. Nostradamus is still one of the most famous authors of prophecies.






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