Pole shift and solar storms

Solar Storms

Solar storms threaten our planet 2012. If we consider the activities of the sun more closely, we find the phenomenon of sunspots. Here there is an approximately 11-year cycle, which has the maximum the largest number of spots. Many astronomers expect the next sunspot maximum in 2011 or 2012. If there is an outbreak rays toward Earth, this can lead to severe disturbances in the Earth's magnetic field and even affect the operation of satellites and electrical systems on Earth. These solar storms will also affect the Earth's magnetic field, and thus cause a pole shift. The compass will show to the south. Disagree, the steward, however, wipe the effect that such a magnetic pole shift could have on us and the earth. In the phase of a pole shift, which can last for many years, until the magnetic field has stabilized, there is no or only a weak turbulent magnetic field, which coincides again in itself. It is clear that a lack of magnetic field let solar storms largely unimpeded to the Earth would collide. This means an increased volume of radiation and therefore probably more cancer and mutations. A magnetic pole shift, might also cause earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Studies confirm the interaction between magnetic field and the human psyche. Thus, hyperactivity, reality distortion, depression, heart and circulatory problems, blood disorders and disturbances in hormonal regulation certainly brought in a relationship with the decrease of the geomagnetic field.






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