The Solar System

Solar System

Synchronization with the Galactic Centre on December 21 2012 our sun, the earth and other planets in our solar system are in conjunction to the equator of the Milky Way. The Galactic Center contains the next we know of super massive black hole and shows unusual astrophysical phenomena. The galactic center is located in the constellation of Sagittarius. The center is behind dark dust clouds of interstellar matter hidden. Since recorded history, humanity first witness this astronomical event. The place where the sun meets the Milky Way, is in the dark column of the Milky Way, which is formed by interstellar dust clouds. At dusk of the winter solstice in 2012, the sun will be located directly in this column and in such a dark place, that the Milky Way includes the horizon at all points around. Thus, the Milky Way sits on the ground and touched it at all points around. The galactic and solar plane are in conjunction. Just about every 26,000 years occurred this very rare astrological alignment. On the effects can therefore only be speculated. However, it should have solid (astrological) impact on life here.






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